$47 - Less than the Price of a Single Speech Therapy Session!!


--Master your W & Y Sounds--On Demand Speech Lessons with Miss Ashley, SLP

Welcome to your child's journey towards confident, clear speech!

Miss Ashley, Speech Therapist, will take your child on the ultimate experience designed to help your child correctly say that tricky speech sound - anywhere, anytime! 

No more embarrassment, worry or overwhelm.

This course gives you easy to use access to our complete Digital Classroom for six full months. Including fun, specially designed videos, worksheets & tools to make learning that sound simple & effective. 

Discover the Magic:

  • Step Into the Magic: Explore sound creation in the Art Room
  • Magic Step #1: Tune in with Your Magic Ears
  • Magic Step #2: Dive into the Sound Lab
  • Magic Step #3: Gear up & Master Syllables
  • Magic Step #4: Unveil your Magic Words
  • Magic Step #5: Achieve Phrase Fitness
  • Magic Step #6: Say it Strong with Sentence Storytime 
  • Magic Step #7: Confident Conversation Action
  • Magic Step #8: Ready to Take Confident Speech Everywhere!
  • Magic Words for Teens
  • My Magic Words WORKBOOK & SUPPORTS

Your child's speech confidence is our priority! Join us today with a 100% Satisfaction and Money-Back Guarantee.

Let's start on this magical journey together!

See you in there!