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Sound Mastery for Older Kids and Teens: Let's Tackle Those Trickiest Sounds!

Welcome to your older child or teen's journey towards confident, clear speech ($261 Value)!

Miss Ashley, Speech Therapist, will take your child on the ultimate experience designed to help your child correctly say that tricky speech sound - anywhere, anytime! 

No more embarrassment, worry or overwhelm.

This course gives you easy to use access to our complete Digital Classroom for six full months. Including fun, specially designed videos, worksheets & tools to make learning that sound simple & effective. 

Discover the Magic: The following is included for the TH, L, S, Z and R Sounds: 

  • Step Into the Magic: Explore sound creation in the Art Room
  • Magic Step #1: Tune in with Your Magic Ears
  • Magic Step #2: Dive into the Sound Lab
  • Magic Step #3: Gear up & Master Syllables
  • Magic Step #4: Unveil your Magic Words
  • Magic Step #5: Achieve Phrase Fitness
  • Magic Step #6: Say it Strong with Sentence Storytime 
  • Magic Step #7: Confident Conversation Action
  • Magic Step #8: Ready to Take Confident Speech Everywhere!
  • Magic Words for Teens
  • My Magic Words WORKBOOK & SUPPORTS

Your child's speech confidence is our priority! Join us today with a 100% Satisfaction and Money-Back Guarantee.

Let's start on this magical journey together!

See you in there!