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And make mastering those tricky sounds even easier. A quick summary about what it is and a sentence or two on what results it will help them achieve and how quickly they'll get there.

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Here they'll get live feedback & support

Join other kids working on those tricky sounds to lift, share & empower each other with the Magic of Miss Ashley. 

My Magic Words Club is perfect for you if...

  You're ready to supercharge your progress.

  You're working on the steps to mastering your sounds, and a regular check-in helps reinforce and strengthen your progress.

  Celebrating your progress is a great reason to get together.

  You are eager to submit a question for Miss Ashley so that you can be considered to work with her on a group call.

  You are happy to see that others are working on the same sound as you, and getting to watch Miss Ashley work with them in real time as they go from struggle to success is helpful to you too!

  You are ready to supercharge your progress.

Here's the truth:

It doesn't have to be hard

Learning to clearly communicate can be fun & MAGICAL. The sooner you engage in effective, motivating strategies, the faster your child will experience the magic of clear speech and the confidence that goes with it. 

Although The Magic Words Club is not currently open for new students, you can join the waitlist AND get started on our On-Demand Magical Speech Sound Lessons. 


"Ashley is engaging, kind and fun! I see the results. I would recommend her all day long. You are lucky to have found her just as I was."

Jenna, Parent of My Magic Words

"At first, I was mad at my mom and dad for making me do this. But now, I am happy because it is fun and I am getting better fast."

Olivia, 10-year-old Student of My Magic Words

Our money-back guarantee

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If you and your child have jumped in and fully emersed yourself into the My Magic Words Digital Course AND have not found progress or success, money-back, guaranteed! Reach out. We want to help.