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Hi, I'm Miss Ashley

I help kids gain the confidence of clear speech.

My Strategies Work!

I love watching kids light up when they triumph over tricky sounds.

You will too.

As an ASHA Certified & Licensed Speech Language Pathologist,  I've helped kids articulate even the most difficult sounds in a fun and engaging way, for more than a decade. It works. And it matters...

because what they have to say is important. 

Mastering sounds can should be fun!

Fun is my specialty! 

Learning sounds can be challenging, which is why the fun is essential in my book! When a child feels joy and success every step of the way, they progress much faster. "Speech Parties" are a must many times throughout their journey, and I am here for it!

I have watched fun transform a child's experience hundreds of times. 

Help them log on to their Sound Academy Classroom and I will show them how to master that tricky sound! Anytime, anywhere. 

Join the Fun

My mission

To give children confidence. To show them the magic in their words. 


To give parents peace of mind, relief, and more time to enjoy the best parts of parenthood.

As a mama of five, I know first hand the power of a village.

I hope to be among yours. 

Peace of mind & relief


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Join Miss Ashley on a fun filled magical adventure to learn how to produce that tricky sound... And make it stick!

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All 20 Sounds!

Maybe your child has more than 3 speech sound errors? Maybe you want to proactively support young learners? Maybe you and your child love the magic and literacy support My Magic Words offers and you want it all!?

Complete Courses Supporting Worksheets & Resources

$197 for it all! 

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