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Speech Sound Academy: On-Demand Speech Lessons for Kids

Get ready to transform your child's confidence & ability to speak clearly. Let me show them every step to master that sound at home! Guaranteed. 

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Sound Bundles

Simply bundled to proactively support the speech sounds your child should know based on age. 

12 Essential Sounds for Bright Beginnings: Sounds Kids Should Know by 3-4 years-old
8 Essential Speech Sounds for Growing Minds: Speech Milestones for Ages 4-5
5 Essential Sounds for Confident Communication: Speech Milestones for 5-6 years-old & Up
Sound Mastery for Older Kids and Teens: Let's Tackle Those Trickiest Sounds!
Ready for the Magic of CLEAR SPEECH?

Sound Academy: On Demand Speech Lessons for Kids

Join Miss Ashley, in a magical world of step-by-step Speech Sound Success. 

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Is my Child's Speech Development on Track?

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