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Hello Clear Speech!

Goodbye Speech Errors


Help your child go from struggle to confidence:

Master Speech Sounds at home with Miss Ashley


Does your child have trouble being understood?

Are you unsure of where to turn for help?


Your child can go from embarrassment and shutdown

to clear communication with this step-by-step program. 

We guarantee it.

Simple. Effective on demand Speech Therapy for Kids! 


Finding the speech support your child needs is challenging.


Good news! You just found:

✔️ A proven step-by-step guide to show your child exactly how to shape speech sounds with success.

✔️  Fun tools you can use at home to help your child practice & master those tricky sounds.

✔️ A program that works with your schedule & budget.

✔️ A path to less worry & more social & academic success for your child.


Join the magic.



Your child's voice matters, and we're here to ensure they are heard loud and clear!


By the end

of this program,

your child will…


🌟 Learn to Correctly Pronounce Speech Sounds

  • Your child will learn what makes those tricky possible and how to produce them confidently.
  • Learning is fun in our interactive Magic Art Room and Sound Laboratory.
  • We even have a special section for teens!

🌟Stay Motivated to Master Sounds

  • Miss Ashley, our certified Speech Therapist, guides your child with evidence-based techniques that make them SUCCESSFUL right away.
  • Your child will stay motivated and avoid burnout while progressing.

🌟Build Confidence 

  • Miss Ashley discusses powerful tools for tackling challenges.
  • Your child will develop the mindset of learning, trying, and achieving.
  • Miss Ashley constantly reminds them of their awesomeness.

🌟  Experience Empowerment Over Embarrassment

  • No more shutting down when talking. 
  • No more teasing.
  • Let's tackle this to avoid independence breakdowns, behavioral outbursts, social difficulties and academic delays.

Join us on this transformative journey to speech success! Your child's future of confident communication starts here.

Enroll in Speech Sound Academy Today

Basic Single Sound


Less than a Single Therapy Session


  • Clear Start to Finish Plan
  • Step-by-Step fun to Master a sound 
  • On Demand Videos 
  • Fun & Applicable worksheets
  • Easy to use App 
  • Perfect home practice if your child is already in speech therapy
  • Money-Back Guarantee

All Sounds


limited time price

  • All 22 Sounds included for your child's use and access! 
  • $1,034 value 
  • Great for when you're child needs help with many sounds.
  • The videos of the earlier developing sounds have language concepts, pre-reading skills, and communication support naturally embedded. Perfect for a toddler proactive approach.

No Problem.  

Miss Ashley walks your child through every step to master that speech sound. Help your child login to the easy to use app and let Miss Ashley's interactive & fun videos take it from there... While you're doing dishes or doing the parent juggle!

More Support?

Magic Words Club


Join the club for live feedback during weekly Zoom Calls & Office Hours with Miss Ashley! Coming Soon.


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Hi there, I'm Miss Ashley—

I will be your guide as you walk by your child to master tricky sounds from home!

Discover the magic of clear speech, when it works for YOU! 

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