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This simple, easy to use Sound Quiz was designed to help parents like you clearly see what sound errors your child has and when to get help. Definitely a must have tool if you're concerned!

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Here is what your child will gain as they begin My Magic Words Digital Course:



Our evidence-based steps build skill in a way that sticks!




Our engaging, magical approach encourages them to do the work, try their best,and stay with it!




Miss Ashley builds confidence through positive thoughts, celebrations & teaching clear communication which builds confidence!

Say goodbye to sound struggles

My Magic Words gives your learner practical step-by-step activities to master sounds

As an experienced ASHA Certified & Licensed Speech Language Pathologist, I help kids articulate even the most difficult sounds in a fun and engaging way. I've used these successful strategies for more than a decade. They work. 

In these courses kids can learn to:

  Turn on their "Magic Ears" and be able to self-identify correct vs. "tricky" sounds. You can't change what you don't hear.

✔  Take a closer look at what their magical mouth does to make a tricky sound just right. Seeing sounds in new ways can be a game changer. I make it magical.

  Level up with step-by-step guidance to build sound success up to words, phrases, sentences, and conversations until they can communicate with confidence every day!  

Today is the perfect day to start creating more clear confident speech. 

"This guide really helped me see that I need to start working on his S sound before the habit gets harder to break. It also showed me that his other sounds are on track."

Kelsey, Parent 

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